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Today Zrnovo has over 1,000 inhabitants, and it was first mentioned in documents in the early Middle Ages. It is 4 km from the city of Korcula by wide asphalt road, which passes through the middle of this settlement scattered on surrounding hills, and composed of several hamlets: Prvo Selo, Kampus, Postrana and Brdo. Beside the old stone houses with porches and paved courtyards are small dry-stone sheds covered with stone slabs. There are also several residences of the Korcula nobles and landowners. A little outside the centre of the settlement, off the road, on a shady hill surrounded by pines, is St Martin's parish church from the 14 century, later reconstructed.


Postrana hamlet on the hill slope has St Roch's church, and in front of it a paved square on which grow old Kostili trees. This is where the Mostra sword dance was traditionally held. The graveyard and the 13th century St Vitus's church are outside the village, and in it there are several more small old chapels. Castle Banicevic belonged to a well-known noble family from Postrana and is well preserved. On the facade is a plaque with the family arms and a Latin inscription about the most prominent family member Jakov, who lived in the 16th century and was a well-known European humanist.


In the past the people of Zrnovo were farmers (vineyards, olives, vegetables) and stone-masons. Now many of them work in construction and tourism. The nearby coves (north shore) of Banja, Medvidnjak, Vrbovica have many modern family pensions and camps right beside the sea. The Misnice cultural and performing society in Zrnovo cultivates amateur theatricals and folk dancing, and Bratska sloga investigates local traditions and folklore. Some contemporary Croatian painters and sculptors were born in Zrnovo (Radoslav Duhovic, sculptor, Nikola Skokandic, graphic artist, Ante Radovanovic, Frano Cebalo, Abel Brcic, painters), and the most prominent is certainly the important Croatian writer, Academician Petar Segedin.

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